First contact with the Arduino

I bought a small Arduino board that has a small CPU to prototype some ideas about driving LEDs.

Here is the first test, it’s was quick to have something blinking!

I want to use that as a prototyping platform to develop a protocol to drive LEDs in a simpler way.

Today you drive LED or with DMX or with video converters. DMX is cool and inexpensive but difficult to setup and video converters are very expansive.

There should be a way to connect LEDs to a computer and having them recognized automatically by a VJ software…

If you are curious to see on how simple the code is, here it is:

// Writing to the RGB Serial Backpack Matrix from SparkFun Electronics
// Marco Hinic, built on top of the code of Ryan Owens

//Define the SPI Pin Numbers
#define DATAOUT 11//MOSI
#define DATAIN 12//MISO
#define SPICLOCK 13//sck
#define SLAVESELECT 10//ss

//Define the variables we’ll need later in the program
char color_buffer [64];

void setup()
//SPI Bus setup
SPCR = (1<

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