First results with the Kling-Force

The Kling-Force is a platform I develop at ArKaos. It will be used as a robust way to drive light fixtures build with LEDs.

The platform has 3 main parts:
– an hardware switch that allows daisy chaining many Kling-Forces for easy installation
– a processor that can be a Kling-Net / ArtNet receiver or a standalone texture generator
– various hardware interfaces to drive LED tapes / DMX …

ArKaos is working on 2 interfaces built on the Kling-Force platform, one to drive LED Strips and one to drive traditional DMX fixtures.



Here is one of the first test driving 8 LED Strips from LEDMaster

Infocomm 2012

It’s the first time we exhibit at Infocomm even if many companies used ArKaos software there.

This is also the first presentation of our brand new video mapper, so it was an important event. Here is a presentation of the video mapper

Several partners had a nice ArKaos presence such as Elation and Chauvet, here is a quick video of the CHauvet booth