20 years to get a domain name :-)

After 20 years we finally could buy the domain name of https://www.arkaos.com.

So now we have our VJ Software GrandVJ being hosted to https://vj.arkaos.com and MediaMaster to https://pro.arkaos.com

The issue was the price of the transaction. Hopefully, after years of negotiation, the other party realized that no other ArKaos will exist and we will not spend a crazy amount of money.

Cycling on Lopud Island – Dubrovnik – Croatia

This summer I discovered Lopud Island that is close to Dubrovnik.

The island does not have any car, just small golf cart! It has also a lot of trails so it’s so much fun to cycle.

There are no map of the trails so I share here a picture of a map I found:

Lopud Island Trails Map

Lopud Island Trails Map

I also had a lot of fun playing with the Hyper Lapse concept of Microsoft, here is a quick edit of the trails I did cycle on:

You can cycle on any part of the island but be careful some trails are very bumpy and rocky and very steep!

First results with the Kling-Force

The Kling-Force is a platform I develop at ArKaos. It will be used as a robust way to drive light fixtures build with LEDs.

The platform has 3 main parts:
– an hardware switch that allows daisy chaining many Kling-Forces for easy installation
– a processor that can be a Kling-Net / ArtNet receiver or a standalone texture generator
– various hardware interfaces to drive LED tapes / DMX …

ArKaos is working on 2 interfaces built on the Kling-Force platform, one to drive LED Strips and one to drive traditional DMX fixtures.



Here is one of the first test driving 8 LED Strips from LEDMaster

Plex Plug-ins for Arte, France24, RTBF, RTL-TVI

I had fun working on those plugins for Plex, they are my first experience with Python so it was nice learning that.

Here is a demo of the France24 plug-in, it supports the french, english and arabic sections

You can get it here:
Plex Plug-in for France24

Here is a demo of the ARTE TV plug-in, it supports the german and french languages. It plays the video from the +7 and concerts sections, amazing stuff there

You can get it here:
Plex Plug-in for ARTE TV

Here is a demo of the RTBF Belgium TV channel, it’s french only

You can get it here:
Plex Plug-in for RTBF TV channel

Here is a demo of the RTL-TVI Belgium TV channel, it’s french only

You can get it here:
Plex Plug-in for RTL-TVI Belgium TV channel