Releasing LEDMaster

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ArKaos released LEDMaster!

We have been working hard one this one for one year now. The application is an easy all in one led mapping application based on Kling-Net.

Here you see LEDMaster driving a custom Kling-Net device based on Arduino and NeoPixels:

Time-lapsing in Florida

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I had the chance to spend one week in Florida this summer, the view on the sea was just stunning. Even more impressive were the lighthing during the night. So I made a lot of time lapses… believe it or not most of the video you see here is done by night. The pictures are taken with up to 30 seconds of exposure time:

Those are the first time-lapses I process with LRTimelapse It did allow me to correct the light variations during sunrise by example.

Time-lapsing in Tokyo

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Tokyo is a fascinating place. I go there at least once a year… I am lucky. This time I could walk at night and spend a few hours taking time-lapses.

For this video I developed a few scripts to allow me to zoom and pan into a sequence.

During the editing I created the music with a set of samples based on Tokyo atmospheres. Here is the result:

Bike cruising in LA

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This is one of my favourite track on the beach in LA, it goes from Manhattan Beach to Redondo Beach… To bad that you need to drive a little bit on the main street to cross the harbour in Redondo Beach but except for that it’s too nice.

Here is a video I did with my Galaxy S3:

music from Reno Project

Desert tripping :-)

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While being at Infocomm 2012 I could spend a few hours travelling around Las Vegas, here are 2 videos quickly edited with Final Cut Pro X

This one is done in the Mojave desert in California

This one is in the Red Canyon close to Vegas