Cycling on Lopud Island – Dubrovnik – Croatia

This summer I discovered Lopud Island that is close to Dubrovnik.

The island does not have any car, just small golf cart! It has also a lot of trails so it’s so much fun to cycle.

There are no map of the trails so I share here a picture of a map I found:

Lopud Island Trails Map

Lopud Island Trails Map

I also had a lot of fun playing with the Hyper Lapse concept of Microsoft, here is a quick edit of the trails I did cycle on:

You can cycle on any part of the island but be careful some trails are very bumpy and rocky and very steep!

Time-lapsing in Florida

I had the chance to spend one week in Florida this summer, the view on the sea was just stunning. Even more impressive were the lighthing during the night. So I made a lot of time lapses… believe it or not most of the video you see here is done by night. The pictures are taken with up to 30 seconds of exposure time:

Those are the first time-lapses I process with LRTimelapse It did allow me to correct the light variations during sunrise by example.

Time-lapsing in Tokyo

Tokyo is a fascinating place. I go there at least once a year… I am lucky. This time I could walk at night and spend a few hours taking time-lapses.

For this video I developed a few scripts to allow me to zoom and pan into a sequence.

During the editing I created the music with a set of samples based on Tokyo atmospheres. Here is the result: