20 years to get a domain name :-)

After 20 years we finally could buy the domain name of https://www.arkaos.com.

So now we have our VJ Software GrandVJ being hosted to https://vj.arkaos.com and MediaMaster to https://pro.arkaos.com

The issue was the price of the transaction. Hopefully, after years of negotiation, the other party realized that no other ArKaos will exist and we will not spend a crazy amount of money.

Infocomm 2012

It’s the first time we exhibit at Infocomm even if many companies used ArKaos software there.

This is also the first presentation of our brand new video mapper, so it was an important event. Here is a presentation of the video mapper

Several partners had a nice ArKaos presence such as Elation and Chauvet, here is a quick video of the CHauvet booth

NAMM 2012

This year we had a nice visibility thanks to our work with American DJ / Elation and Chauvet.

We also worked with VJ Culture to present GrandVJ, here is a presentation he did, sorry for the bad sound:

Kling-Net was also presented by Chauvet on a nice setup