About FraKtus





My name is Marco Hinic and at first I am an engineer with a passion for cross-platform system architecture. I conceived real-time video software that is used everyday during music events, fashion defile or corporate events. During the last 10 years thanks to the software I created it let me to work for artists like Jean-Miche jarre, Daft Punk… or for corporation like Apple, Ford.


Team management, Cross-platform software architecture, Real-Time video, MIDI and DMX technologies.

What I like:

A lot of different musics from Jazz to Punk, from Classical to Electronic, from the Renaissance area to the Contemporary experiments of today!

I enjoy spending time with friends, discovering new places and new landscapes. I like to take pictures and make small videos that I share on the internet on sites such as YouTube or DaillyMotion.

Most of all I cannot be what I am in my life without the love of my princess!



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