The Optical Theremin

Matt Finke from LoopLight sent me this video using ArKaos software in a very creative way. In their toolkit you find NuVJ for standard VJ work and MediaMaster controlled from a GrandMA console.

The Optical Theremin

The Optical Theremin

Here is the video:

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Philipp from LoopLight also sent me this information:

“I used Arkaos MediaMaster, Arkaos NuVJ and grandMA ultralight in one network session. The headlights were Jarag-5 in a matrix with par30 and 52 Movinglights with CMY. I made a pixelpatch in MediaMaster for Jarag and put the CMY of the movinglights in the same pixelpatch. A camera, the first input to MediaMaster, indicated towards a plexiglass disk, which i had divided in two areas. Left side for Jarag and the right side for the CMY. The NuVJ was the second input to MediaMaster for SD Clips. I set different fx like edge detect, greyscale and contrast in MediaMaster. Then I scaled my live input on pixelpatch, only the left area of plexiglass. Finally I moved my hand vertically and horizontal on the left area during playing SD Clips from NuVJ. For CMY I made four large Colourwheels in different bright colours. I moved one of the Colourwheels in the right area to change all CMY in the movinglights.”

As you can see it’s a cool example of creative processing with lighting!

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