Ambient Video : Serge Devadder – Nadir

I just finished a new video: “Serge Devadder – Nadir” from the compilation Euphony 1.
I am a long time friend with Serge and last time we met he gave me the Euphony 1 compilation. During this meeting I did show him some of my video work and we talked about visualizing his music. Serge gave me some suggestion and asked for a black and white video. I started listening to this track and liked the progression with the percussion coming at the end. I quickly made a proposal for Serge and reworked it during a few months and here is the final result. I collected those video loops in 2009-10 on various locations : Californian and Irish coast, Polish Mountains, water reflections in Belgium and some stones from Cyprus.

Here is the video:

You can play it in HD if you watch it directly on YouTube.

An application to create time lapse: Lapseler



After a few months of tweaking the code I released today Lapseler.

Lapselser is an application that can take pictures from any QuickTime supported devices and compile them in a movie.

Because the compression library is from FFmpeg it can generate QuickTime files but also flash videos.

The motivation to work on this application is both that I am interested into time lapse since I saw Koyaanisqatsi many years ago and I am learning several interfaces of Mac OS X / cocoa right now.

Lapseler is available on my web site:
Leave me a note if you make some use of it.

The app is completely free and has no limitation, so you can use it to make cool videos for whatever purpose.