NAMM 2010 or the death of VJ ?

My long time friend did this post on his blog an it’s true that in this time of recession music does not care that much about visuals.

We all know that at some point in times visualization of music will be as important as music but it looks like it’s more tomorrow than today.

namm and death of vj

I really prefer to say we are just holding on before it really finally is the big thing!

NAMM 2010 Day 1

We are at NAMM with ArKaos to meet various friends and partners.

NAMM show 2010

NAMM show 2010

I was happy to see back Christophe Martin.

Fraktus with Christophe Martin

Fraktus with Christophe Martin

Christophe did help us a lot in the history of ArKaos, he is the one that got us working with Jean Michel Jarre more than 10 years ago. And since then he never miss a release of our products and make articles in the French magazines where he is reporting.

We also met the team of Living Instruments, we like a lot their Ohm64!

Fraktus with Peter and Jay from Livid Instruments

Fraktus with Peter and Jay from Livid Instruments

Here is a quick video I made where you see some news including Rane SIXTY-EIGHT Mixer for Serato Scratch Live -> 4 Virtual Decks in Scratch Live!
The Roland Octapad SPD-30.
And Live controlled by the cool Novation Launchpad

I liked a lot Pigtronix and their Futuristic Analog Technology for guitars:

I was also very impressed by the kids of Rock nation school, they played at the Hilton.

The played tunes from RATM, Metallica, Motorheads… not bad for kids between 9 to 14!