From Manchester, the land of Joy Division and New Order, a new sparkle of genious is born : LoneLady.

Julie Campbell is the whole band herself, mainly playing guitar and using rhythm machines, here and there she uses some touches of synths and there is no bass used in the tracks. The music is minimal and cold but never boring. Indeed she is a wonderful guitar player, in each track the guitar riffs are stacking to creating nice nervous patterns.

Her sound is very unique, the way she is shaping the guitar riffs is very creative and personal. In some tracks such as “Nerve Up” she is building layers of sound in a minimal way, other tracks are much more Punk oriented such as “Army”, one of my favorite of the album.

Here is a track from her first album hosted on youtube:

As for most of the mp3 I download lately I bought my copy at eMusic

And here is her web site, minimal also lonelady.co.uk

She has been signed to Warp Records and I wish her the best, can’t wait her next move!

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