Job opportunity at ArKaos

It’s always a cool moment when you can grow your team and make some place for new employees in the company.

Looking for developer is a difficult task, I always say, and I am proud of, we are an atypical company. First we try to be as agnostic as possible regarding as many technologies as possible. We are cross platform, we talk to many video APIs and we sell from very inexpensive product to customized and very powerful hand crafted servers.

But how can you do that ? With a lot of passion and by spending a lot of time learning every day. We optimize our software to push the limits as far as we can. It can means trying to work around undocumented bugs in OpenGL drivers, using poorly documented APIs, spending days tracking hypothetical memory performance issues…

Also important to ArKaos is what I call our Punk mentality. We don’t expect others to help us, to be self-sufficient is very important. It’s normal to want to do things that no other have ever done, just expect a lot of problems and expect to fail many time before you eventually succeed. We write code not to make our life easier but to use the least possible memory, the least possible bandwidth from the disk and to avoid unnecessary decencies from the operation system.

The world of real time video is a fascinating one; so many people did not yet perceive the potential of creating perfectly synchronized audio visual performances. So many things are still to be created and defined. It feel hard for me to write that because I started creating real-time video tools at the beginning of the 90s… 20 years ago. Just look at the different VJ applications or at the different media servers used by the lighting industry, they are very different tools that can be used to create amazing real time audiovisual performances.

The last important thing is our social behavior; we are a software company that likes a lot to speak with hardware companies. You can only do that by spending a lot of time networking during many exhibitions, building friendships and trying to convince companies, sometime much bigger than you, that a collaboration is always the way forward. During our history we did forge many alliance that helped promote the concept of real-time video performance. We contributed significantly to what you see today when you go to a concert and enjoy a nice moment.

You don’t go to an event to just “listen to music” but to “see a nice concert!” Right ?

If you think you could help us, here is the more formal job description job detail

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