Biosphere (2009) – Solar systems – a FaKe Biosphere records!

I was surprised to see on emusic that the Biosphere album supposed to be released on September 8 is already available as advance release (I wrote this article on august 18).

Solar Systems

Solar Systems

It’s an unusual release for Biosphere, he is going back to more dance music and very melodic tracks, leaving the ambient textures he delivers usually. It looks like most fans will not like it because it’s atypical from him but you can understand that a musician sometimes needs to divert and explore other ways. I did just listened to it quickly and for me it’s a very cool and fresh album. You can preview it and buy it here:

Biosphere Solar systems on

I just received that mail from Biophon records:

We have noticed that there is some confusion on an album release called “Solar Systems” by an artist using the name Biosphere.

Please be aware that this is NOT a Biosphere release.
It´s a cheap Trance album (German style… ) written by somebody from Canada (?).
and released by the Canadian label Hopeful Tragedy Records.

So in the end this album is a fake release!


  1. Hey there, just so you know, this is not a Biosphere release (as in Geir Jenssen, the well known ambient artist) but some idiot (unfortunately from Canada) who hasn’t bothered to Google the name and realise it has long ago been taken. You might want to amend yr comments… so people get it straight.

  2. This is NOT Biosphere, it is not even a cheap imitation of him. Once hearing this you will quickly realize it is a shoddy musician trying desperately to be someone of the class and the calibre of the real Biosphere. Shame on whomever this is, who do you think you are?

  3. This is strange to me because I bought this on and that fake musician would be smart enough to get over the controls of

    And if you want to get some attraction why to fake Biospshere ? Ok he is a great musicians and he has all my admiration but there are more powerful target to be faked no ?

    But in the end this morning I received a mailing from Biophon records, yes it’s a fake record… It looks like because I made this article the scam was discovered!

  4. Ok, this release is not by Biosphere from Norway but there are a lot of cases in which different artists share the same name, so don’t be so angry with this release because the Biosphere from Canada or Pakistan or Lilliput has the same right to release its music as the norwegian has. Maybe the norwegian Biosphere should claim for the name Biosphere by a legal way, as sometimes happens when a name is not officially registered.

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