Fixing CCcam 2.1.1 NewCS 1.66

It took me a long time to get the 2 plugins CCcam 2.1.1 and NewCS 1.66 to work correctly on my Dreambox running Gemini 4.2.

Basically the web interface was not working.

Hopefully I had a backup of the old scripts and after some research I found a difference between and the new

At line 87 I changed from

/usr/bin/CCcam_2.1.1 -s &


/usr/bin/CCcam_2.1.1 &

The -s option prevent CCcam to become a server. So when you use it CCcam will not read your internal card and will not become a server. It may not be optimal because with the -s option you don’t have the web interface anymore. I guess they introduced the -s option because having both CCcam and NewCS reading your card may not always work.

After having edited the file I re uploaded it to /usr/script/

Restarted via blue panel and now everthing is fine!

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