New synch experiments at WWDC

Using many computers to test my new experiment … it’s not always easy so I used the opportunity of having the compatibility lab at WWDC to check if my development is running under Snow Leopard and at least with 6 computers. There is one server and 5 clients. The clients are low end macs, Mac mini, iMacs, MacBook Pro. Here is the result:

There is a black frame when switching queues but hey, it’s a prototype 🙂

Everything is multithreaded so I move forward carefully. There are threads for the network synchronization, video decompression, OpenGL rendering and status update to the server…


  1. Because I want that code to run both with OpenGL and DirectX I did write the low level code myself. The most complicated is not the rendering but optimizing the content on the server side and ensuring a smooth and easy sharing of datas between Mac OS / Linux and Windows.

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